• Form of Government
    Azerbaijan is rich in mineral resources, the most important of which Azerbaijanian state is democratic, legal, secular, unitary republic. State power is based on the principle of division of powers: Milli Majlis (Parliament) exercises legislative power; executive power belongs to the President; and law courts exercise judicial power.

  • Legislative Power
    Milli Majlis - one chamber body comprising 125 deputies, elected by direct elections for a 5 year term.

  • Executive Power
    • Head of State
      The President of the Azerbaijan Republic is the Head of the Azerbaijanian state. The President is elected for a 5-year term by way of general, direct and equal elections, with free, personal and secret ballot. Executive power in the Azerbaijan Republic belongs to the President.
    • Head of Government
      The President by consent of Milli Majlis appoints Prime-minister. For implementation of executive powers the President establishes Cabinet of Ministers. Cabinet of Ministers is subordinate to the President and reports to him.
    • Judicial Power
      Judicial power in Azerbaijan is implemented by law courts. Judicial power is implemented through the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, ordinary and other specialized law courts.


Following a referendum on November 12, 1995, the new Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan was adopted and entered into force on December 5, 1995. The country's basic law was developed in line with the fundamental principles and norms of international law.

Continuing the centuries' long traditions of statehood, and taking as a basis the principles expressed in the Constitutional Act "On the State Independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan", desiring to provide prosperity and welfare for the whole society and each individual, wishing to establish freedom and security, understanding the responsibility before the past, present and future generations, using the right of its sovereignty the Constitution declares solemnly its following intentions:

  • Protect the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • Provide a democratic system within the framework of the Constitution.
  • Achieve the establishment of a civil society.
  • Build a secular state based on the rule of law as an expression of the will of the nation.
  • Provide worthy living standards for everybody in conformity with just economic and social order.
  • Remain faithful to universal human values, to live in friendship, peace and freedom with all the nations of the world and cooperate with them for this purpose.

As stipulated by article 1 of the Constitution, "In the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani people shall be the sole source of State power".

Under article 2 of the Constitution, the people of Azerbaijan shall exercise their sovereign right directly through nationwide voting (referendums) and through representatives elected on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage by free, secret and personal ballot.

Article 7 of the Constitution stipulates that the Azerbaijani State shall be a democratic, constitutional, secular and unitary republic. In Azerbaijan, the power of the State shall be restricted in domestic matters only by the country's law and, in foreign affairs, only by the provisions arising from international treaties to which the Republic of Azerbaijan is a party. State power in the Republic of Azerbaijan shall be based on the principle of the division of powers among legislative, executive and judicial branches of power. Pursuant to the Constitution, the legislature, executive and judiciary shall interact with one another and be independent within their various jurisdictions.

Political Parties

There are 42 political parties in Azerbaijan:
  • New Azerbaijan Party
  • Azerbaijan National Independence Party
  • Azerbaijan Renaissance and Progress Party
  • Azerbaijan People Democratic Party
  • "Ana Veten" Party
  • National Democratic Cognition Party
  • Citizens' Solidarity Party
  • Party of Musavat (Equality)
  • Party of Unity
  • United Azerbaijan National Unity Party
  • United Azerbaijan Party
  • Party of Democratic Azerbaijan World
  • Independent Azerbaijan Party
  • Azerbaijan Compatriot Party
  • Azerbaijan Hope Party
  • "Gorgud" Party
  • Azerbaijan National Movement Party
  • Azerbaijan Communist Party
  • Azerbaijan National Statehood Party
  • Azerbaijan Patriots Party
  • Azerbaijan Democratic Entrepreneurs Party
  • Party of Alliance for the sake of Azerbaijan
  • Azerbaijan Democratic Enlightenment Party
  • Azerbaijan Social Welfare Party
  • Azerbaijan Liberal Party
  • Azerbaijan Social Democratic Party
  • Azerbaijan Popular Front Party
  • Azerbaijan United Communist Party
  • Party of Social Justice
  • National Congress Party
  • Party of Unity
  • Azerbaijan Republicans Party
  • Azerbaijan People Party
  • Azerbaijan Liberal Democrat Party
  • Azerbaijan Democrat Party
  • Azerbaijan Party of Fighters
  • Party of Justice
  • Party of National Unity
  • Party of "Muasir Musavat" (Modern Equality)
  • "Azerbaijan Free Republicans" Party

Diplomatic Relations

The Republic of Azerbaijan has diplomatic relations with the following countries:
Turkey 14.01.92
Switzerland 21.01.92
Liechtenstein 21.01.92
DPR of Korea 30.01.92
Ukraine 06.02.92
Mexico 10.02.92
Spain 11.02.92
Austria 20.02.92
France 21.02.92
Poland 21.02.92
Saudi Arabia 24.02.92
Yemen 25.02.92
Bangladesh 26.02.92
USA 28.02.92
India 28.02.92
Great Britain 11.03.92
Guinea 11.03.92
Iran 12.03.92
Libya 16.03.92
Germany 17.03.92
Republic of Korea 23.03.92
Finland 24.03.92
Egypt 27.03.92
Cuba 27.03.92
Philippines 27.03.92
Syria 28.03.92
Iraq 30.03.92
Netherlands 01.04.92
China 02.04.92
Greece 02.04.92
Denmark 02.04.92
Russia 04.04.92
Israel 07.04.92
Palestine 15.04.92
Mongolia 16.04.92
Estonia 20.04.92
Hungary 27.04.92
South Africa 29.04.92
Italy 08.05.92
Sweden 08.05.92
Moldova 18.05.92
Vatican 24.05.92
Tajikistan 29.05.92
Luxemburg 01.06.92
Bulgaria 05.06.92
Norway 05.06.92
Turkmenistan 09.06.92
Pakistan 09.06.92
Romania 16.06.92
Belgium 17.06.92
Australia 19.06.92
New Zeeland 29.06.92
Thailand 07.07.92
Canada 10.07.92
Oman 13.07.92
Sudan 25.07.92
Portugal 04.08.92
Morocco 25.08.92
Guinea Bissau 27.08.92
Kazakhstan 30.08.92
United Arab Emirates 01.09.92
Japan 07.09.92
Ghana 11.09.92
Lebanon 18.09.92
Vietnam 23.09.92
Indonesia 24.09.92
Ethiopia 02.11.92
Georgia 18.11.92
Kyrgyzstan 19.01.93
Czech Republic 29.01.93
Jordan 13.02.93
Malaysia 05.04.93
Madagascar 26.05.93
Belarus 11.06.93
Albania 23.09.93
Brazil 21.10.93
Argentina 08.11.93
Zambia 18.11.93
Slovakia 23.11.93
Latvia 11.01.94
Algeria 22.04.94
Singapore 15.08.94
Komoros 06.09.94
Qatar 14.09.94
Kuwait 07.10.94
Mauritania 29.10.94
Guatemala 01.11.94
Seashell 02.11.94
Chili 03.11.94
Gambia 11.11.94
Afghanistan 16.11.94
Nicaragua 23.11.94
Angola 01.12.94
Columbia 13.12.94
Maldives 20.12.94
Honduras 22.12.94
Kamboca 28.12.94
Malta 09.01.95
Guyana 09.01.95
Uruguay 11.01.95
Croatia 26.01.95
Bosnia and Herzegovina 09.02.95
Cameron 24.02.95
Nepal 28.02.95
Burundi 02.03.95
Burundi 02.03.95
Sierra-Leone 13.03.95
Sent Kids and Nevis 22.03.95
Antique and Barbuda 05.04.95
Panama 06.04.95
Venezuela 12.05.95
Laos 22.05.95
Mozambique 20.06.95
Macedonia 28.06.95
Uganda 19.08.95
Uzbekistan 02.10.95
Niger 10.11.95
Jamaica 22.11.95
Brunei-Darussalam 24.11.95
Lithuania 27.11.95
Slovenia 20.02.96
Senegal 14.03.96
Andorra 30.04.96
Sri-Lanka 21.05.96
Liberia 22.05.96
Peru 25.06.96
Ireland 01.07.96
Bolivia 08.07.96
Mauritius 19.07.96
Gabon 01.10.96
Djibouti 22.10.96
Bahrain 06.11.96
Cote d'Ivoire 19.11.96
Mali 26.11.96
Costa-Rika 15.01.97
Serbia and Montenegro 21.08.97
Island 27.02.98
Tunis 01.07.98
El-Salvador 23.03.99
Myanmar 03.08.99
Benin 14.10.99
Surinam 11.02.00
San Marino 19.04.02
Belize 24.06.02
Haiti 09.05.03
Sent Vincent 23.05.03
Ecuador 22.03.04
Somali 22.03.04
Kabo Verde 22.03.04
Chad 05.04.04
Timor-Leste 05.04.04
Paraguay 20.04.04
Eritrea 20.04.04
Malawi 21.05.04
Burkina-Faso 28.05.04
Rwanda 28.05.04
Kenya 28.05.04
Equatorial Quinoa 11.11.04
Nauru 11.11.04