Jordanian Al-Diyar newspaper publishes articles about 95th anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and 20th anniversary of Azerbaijan-Jordan diplomatic relations

Jordanian Al-Diyar newspaper has published articles dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and 200th anniversary of Azerbaijan-Jordan diplomatic relations. 
The author gives an insight into the independence history of the Azerbaijani people, their difficult way leading to sovereignty. The author hails bravery and heroism of the people in their struggle for freedom. The article says in 1991 Azerbaijan restored the independence and opened a new page in its glorious history.
The article highlights the life and activity of the architect and founder of the modern Azerbaijani state Heydar Aliyev, his invaluable merits for the prosperity and progress of the country.
The friendship relations between national leader Heydar Aliyev and the late King Hussein of Jordan were also stressed in the article. The author says today President Ilham Aliyev and His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan successfully continue this friendship.
The article notes that since early 90s, Azerbaijan and Jordan have been enjoying the high level of diplomatic ties and bilateral cooperation in various areas. “In 2006, Azerbaijan opened its embassy in the Kingdom, the country`s President twice paid official visits to Jordan. The King made three official visits to Azerbaijan. Some 34 agreements have been signed during those visits. Interparliamentary and intergovernmental commissions enjoy effective cooperation.”
The newspaper writes that Azerbaijan`s embassy is preparing to host a solemn reception regarding the 95th anniversary of the country`s national holiday – the Day of Republic.